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Sariah and Daniel’s Elopement Portraits

Bride and groom stand on Big Sur cliffs by the ocean

Getting married in 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic has changed a lot of things to say the least. Elopements and elopement photography have taken off and the wedding and wedding photography industry has been hit hard. Sariah and Daniel did not let that stop them from their goal of getting married. I am so glad we were able to capture their connection in these elopement photographs.

Sariah wore a beautiful gown that matched the scenery perfectly. Her vision of the windy cliffs blowing her gown like the waves of the ocean came together on this day. Sariah is from Hawaii and loves the ocean so she wanted to show her connection to it as much as possible. Her dress was from a lovely bridal shop in Carmel California called Hera Bridal. The owner will take good care of anyone who visits her store.

I am in love with the elopement photography trend as I am able to spend the day with couples and do what I love best and that is taking people to epic and beautiful landscapes and capturing their connection and love.

bride and groom stand with view of Pacific Ocean
waves crashing on rock by couple at Big Sur California
married couple standing on big sur rocks by ocean
groom holding brides face and laughing by the ocean
bride standing by groom at big sur cliff
backlit bride and groom together by pacific ocean
bride and groom sitting by the ocean
married couples in big sur california
bixby bride with bride and groom
bride and groom by bixby bridge on highway 1 california

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